Who would win | mitt romney vs. Big Bird
Who would win mitt romney or Big Bird
Mitt has just declasred war on big bird so i am asking you who would win?
Should George Zimmerman be charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin?
This story has been talked about across the United States for weeks now, but in case you're unfamiliar with what happened, a man named George Zimmerman called the police when he saw a suspicious-looking man in his neighborhood. He called the police and reported Trayvon Martin. The dispatcher told Zimmerman to wait for officers to arrive but Zimmerman ignored the suggestion and followed Martin...

Should a "sing-off" be added to the 2012 Presidential campaign?
President Obama channeling his inner Al Green last week and Mitt Romney making 'America the Beautiful' anything but brings to mind the idea of having a 'sing-off' be the latest addition to the ongoing circus that is the presidential campaigns. Would it be a fitting contribution to the madness or too much of a crime against our ears?

Should we ask presidential candidates to release their tax information?
Mitt Romney released his tax returns this week after being prodded to do so for weeks while campaigning. It happens in every election. Why? What purpose does it serve other than to look into the personal banking information of someone wanting to run our country, and inform us that "yes, he will be taking a paycut if he wins." Should we ask our candidates to give up that personal ...

Does a young Newt Gingrich look like Dwight Schrute from 'The Office'? | No vs. Yes
Does a young Newt Gingrich look like Dwight Schrute from 'The Office'?
Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich looks an awful lot like beet farmer and assistant (to) the regional manager Dwight Schrute from the American version of 'The Office'...or at least he did back in the 70's. What do you think, does 'Newt Schrute' bear a striking resemblance to the office drone character or are people just being haters to Gingrich?

What's more likely to give you indigestion?
On one side you've got two bills with the potential to shut down countless websites and forever change the Internet. And, on the other side, you've got a delicious fried pastry. It's a tough choice.

Do you support SOPA or are you against it?
Today a number of sites are going dark to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that would result in blocking access to sites accused of copyright infringement. The bill is in danger of effectively crippling the Internet as we know it and could shut down pretty much any website that's accused of stealing content, whether it's a ...

Amish men jailed over reflective triangles. Justified or overbearing?
A group of Amish men in Kentucky were jailed for refusing to put reflective triangles, a sign required for slow-moving vehicles, on the back of their horse-drawn carts. Is the state rightfully enforcing the law or overstepping its bounds with the jailing?

Israeli MP's water assault: Incivility or Politics?
A heated argument in the Israeli parliament this week climaxed when MP Anastassia Michaeli threw water on colleague Raleb Majadele. Is this incivility at its worst or just another day in the increasingly polarized world of politics?

Will Rick Santorum be a force to be reckoned with during the GOP primaries?
GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum lost Tuesday's Iowa caucus by only 8 votes. Does this mean that he has a real shot to win the nomination as the primary season progresses?

Do you love Kelly Clarkson more or less for her support of Ron Paul?
Original 'American Idol' winner and pop star Kelly Clarkson recently tweeted her support for Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for presidency. Her endorsement drew criticism from many of her fans who were shocked that she would support someone whose camp sent out racist and homophobic newsletters in the 1980s. Clarkson defended her stance, saying she's in favor of limited government...

Will the protests in Egypt ever end?
Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, which was the site of massive protests that led to the ousting of longtime President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year, is now home to massive demonstrations against the military, which took power after Mubarak's departure. Will the protests in Egypt ever end or will there always be some injustice to demonstrate against?

Bush 41 backs Romney. Will it matter?
Former President George H.W. Bush casually supported Mitt Romey's GOP Presidential bid today. Will this help Romney's chances?

ESPN's Craig James running for U.S. Senate. Will he win?
Former Souther Methodist star running back and ESPN college football analyst Craig James announced earlier this week that he will seek the GOP nomination for the U.S. senate seat from Texas that is being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchinson in 2013. His competition includes the state's Lt. Governor, former solicitor general, and a former Mayor of Dallas. Will James pull it off like he was able to ...

Occupy Wall Street: Effective Protest or Waste of Time?
Despite numerous eviction attempts, the approach of winter weather, the return of the NBA, and the ongoing Kardashian saga, the Occupy Wall Street protests are still going strong. Protesters began a sit-in style protest in New York's Zucotti Park in September. Groups in other cities around the world followed suit in protesting income inequality, bank bailouts, and high unemployment. The protests have attracted attention from media outlets ranging from Fox News to Saturday Night Live. But...

Gingrich Wants to Abolish Left-Leaning Courts. Has Newt Lost It?
Over this past weekend, Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich criticized the judicial system and suggested that as President, he could ignore certain Supreme Court decisions and abolish left-leaning courts. Furthermore, Gingrich said that Congress should bring judges before lawmakers to "explain" their decisions. "The courts have become grotesquely dictatorial, far ...

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