Which hair? :) | Purple vs. Pink
Which photo is better out of these two? | This one vs. That one..
Which photo is better out of these two?
The moddeling picture of me (only airbrushed on the skin) The natural one of me (where im just relaxing at home)?

Would you rather go through...
Ugh, it took a while to find a picture that wasn't so gruesome. -_- Imagine the creepiest movie you've ever seen, where the psycho tortures his/her victims, now times it by 10. Would you rather die peacefully? or would you endure all the torture and come out alive?

Which is tastier, Tempeh or Tofu???
Tempeh is good and tasty.. and i like tofu, too

Peanut butter or Nutella? | Peanut butter vs. Nutella
Peanut butter or Nutella?
It's hard to beat the creamy, salty yumminess of peanut butter but Nutella fanatics would argue that the chocolatey hazelnut spread is even better. Which do you prefer?

Which One is better looking Jeydon Wale or JustinBieber ?xoxo
I love both of them but Tbh justin has grown up and jeydin hasnt soorry :| xoxox

Contraceptive Battle: This Slut Votes vs. Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh set off quite a media storm when he called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown student, a "slut" for being on birth control. Jenna Soard has responded in kind. This Slut Votes seeks to protect reproductive health care rights and privacy She feels that if a media voice such as Rush wants to call women sluts and push a no-choice agenda as though the sexual revolution never happened, then so be it. She will not (pardon the pun) take it laying down. She stands up to proudly ...

The time to live?
Would you rather live in the past or in the future? (Present time isn't an option in this scenario!)

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