Harry Potter: Movies or Books

posted by HPlover98


Debate It! 11

havent read the books but i dont like reading anyway

Posted By bobz,

I love to read.

Posted By JaxValentine,

Movies, i dont like to read big books.

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

books definately the books they have so much more details than the movies bt the movies are still great

Posted By miguel,


Posted By nezz,

books because they have everything included and when u read them u fell like your there watching whats happening

Posted By alishahpfan17,

Im sure that the books are waay better but I havnt got round to reading them yet so Ill vote movies.

Posted By polerberr,

The book is always better than the movie.

Posted By Redhoney,

Books, I had to write a 400-500 (mine was 617 words =D) essay on why the books are better =/

Posted By Hai =3,


Posted By usher453,

Books, but the movies were AWESOME too.

Posted By PuffleFluff,

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