Greatest band of all time?


posted by jogden


There is only one correct choice.

Debate It! 13

80's pop band vs. wanna be 80's rock band. lol.

Posted By lockheed40,


Posted By jogden,

I like the pixies way better.

Posted By matt,

Aerosmith is the best

Posted By Kmoon,

HAHAH! Awesome!

Posted By annabat,

I do not vote. Therefore, there are 2 answers. C:

Posted By iiAisllin,

nonsense. i dont see paramore on here.

Posted By chiboy_32,

i agree with chiboy_32

Posted By taylor132,

um um um...I Don't Kno Which One To Choose!

Posted By crzy1emo1chick,

Paramore did not record Doolittle, therefore logic dictates that Paramore CANNOT be the greatest band of all time.

Posted By jogden,

i vote for the arrow button, arrow button FTW!!!

Posted By chaz181,

Oooh! I like NEITHER! Urgh. *Facpalm.

Posted By Blixempie,


Posted By Dmitri,

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