glee or hannah montana?

posted by hanahanaa


Debate It! 9

This is too easy. Glee.

Posted By polerberr,

Glee hands down.

Posted By stech01,

Is this even a questhion? GLEE! *jazz hands*

Posted By miissmo,

Gleee duhh

Posted By,

What the hell. who in there right mind would choose hannah montana? seriously???

Posted By Milodork,

I don't even need to answer. Its soooo obvious!

Posted By cassidysmith15,

What can I say? Hannah Montana sucks and I'm a gleek.

Posted By PuffleFluff,

mee tooo a a glooser me and my best friends are going to there conest a meeting puck!!!!!!!!

Posted By ISRAELGIRL123,

glee forever hannah montana kinda sux iloveglee

Posted By iloveglee,

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