GIRLS, would you wear a 50's style high waisted bikini?

posted by MaliaKanakali


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just sexy

Posted By fajarbaru,

i dont even wear a bikini normally im really body conscious

Posted By sarah...,

I hope you don't miss out on any sun and water fun :( It's not like I think I'm super hot, but I wear a bikini anyways, just cause I love swimming, I love bikinis and... one pieces don't fit me, my upper body is too long.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

i love retro bikinis! they r so sexy

Posted By LoveAndySamberg,

same here, very hot in an unexpected way :) When the norm is going towards less and less tissue, these are refreshing and cool.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

yess i love retro!!!!!!

Posted By MusicDor,

nope it looks weird i mean im not skinny but i wouldnt say i really fat im kind of im the middle but i still wear a bikini coz i dont care what other people think of me @MarieP yeah im with u on the upper body too long thing whenever i go to friends houses and borrow some togs they are ALWAYS too short and make me feel like a slut so i never wear them

Posted By lauriek,

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