For TOT's should they add a "music" category


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posted by Royals27


Myself, being a huge fan of music was surprised to see that there wasn't any category for this. And voting on many tot's with this same type of thing, i think that they should add a category for music...

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I think they should diversify their categories list even more.Sometimes,I do not know where to categorize my TOT very well.

Posted By dana22,

i agree, i have the same problem with that sometimes.

Posted By Royals27,

I was thinking the same thing really.

Posted By Sam7205,

Sorry for the lack of categories! We totally agree and have plans to revamp some of the site's features (including adding new categories) in the future. Thanks for your feedback and your patience!

Posted By ThisOrThat,

No Problem :)

Posted By Royals27,

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