Fast zombies vs. slow zombies

posted by Rebecca


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I prefer slow zombies, but if there are fast ones, we're all f**ked.

Posted By IFChris,

I agree. Cardio! It's a cardinal rule of Zombieland.

Posted By Rebecca,

I whish there was a slow zombie in L4D

Posted By md,

Simon Pegg said it best here.
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Posted By Captain,

Slow zombies. Though, fast zombies are great for entertainment purposes. It's like watching football, only those that are tackled get eaten. *Hint, hint, NFL*

Posted By RichP,

Fast zombies because I need something to keep myself entertained. Zombie Apocalypse will eventually end in no electricity or internet, so walking away from zombies would be no fun.

Posted By Chaosflame,

I'll go with fast zombies, scary sons of bitches. However, in most cases, if they're fast they're probably infected, not zombies.

Posted By antnkrlz,

@md The Spitter is slow, especially while she's recharging...

Posted By IFChris,

Slow so I would have time to reload my fireball catapult. Plus i'm a lazy fat bastard and really don't like the thoughts of running anyway. Plus the kids would be safe as they could outrun them too.

Posted By macaonghusa,

Any zombie is too fast in my book...

Posted By matt,

md - the boomer is rather slow

Posted By oatmeal,

Either. As long as I'm faster then the guy next to me

Posted By BackwardsGamer,

It's an ubsurd question. A zombie cannot be fast. That's totally unrealistic. Hello? It. Is. A. Mooooovie. Real zombies are braindead (as you can see in these old tv-documentaries like in the s/w-picture above). You can't run with a dead brain. (But you CAN walk, prove me wrong.)

Posted By ramses101,

@ramses101. You can also drive, and reproduce. Side order of slow zombies to go, please.

Posted By Adrian13,

i would pick fast zombies

Posted By blob557,

Citing the zombie survival guide, the thing to keep in mind is zombies, as they're dead, can't regenerate cells. As a result, fast Zombies would be essentially greatly weakening themselves with every stride until their legs disintegrated, making them much more manageable legless crawling machines (I'd fashion a dogsled-type zombie chariot or giant hamster/zombie wheel to power my post apocalyptic hot tub) While slow zombies reserve their power and precious undead cells to creep at a pace which is sustainable for months on end.

Posted By HaikuMaster,

Slow zombies...without a doubt. But if they have to be fast at least let them be dumb. Can't stand the smart fast ones!

Posted By Johnny4,

HaikuMaster and Johnny4 make good points, so were lucky if we get stupid ones; we can just run them over a cliff!! but realistically, nobody wants a smart zombie.

Posted By chiboy_32,

I choose "Life"

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

slow zombies.. because they're normal.. fast zombies aren't zombies.. just infected humans.. you can kill them with anything.. but slow zombies you can kill with shot to the head (to the brains)

Posted By J0K3RT1M3,

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