If you could live through an entire movie what genre/movie would it be?
If you want to be more specific about the movie or you have another genre you'd like to be in feel free to leave it in the comments. x Oh and you get to choose the character you play. :-]

What do you think of My Chemical Romance?
Personally I think they're are amazing. Their story before becoming famous and their struggle, Gerard getting over alcoholism and taking drugs and them saving suicidal teenagers lives. But overall I love their music. However I know some people think they're just a bunch of emos with no talent and I wanted to do a general survey on people's opinions.

Who's Prettier?
Who do you think is prettier Ariana grande or Victoria Justice???

new hair comments please
Yes I know I do not look good on this I look about 13 :D it was a shoot I had this afternoon for a hairdressers hope all you gorgeaus people like and comment <3

What is the better Tyga song?
i reckon far away but, lets see what u guys think!!

Who's better, Eminem or Dr. Dre?
i LOVE both but i need to know what u guys think!

which justin is better???
i like neither but it doesnt matter what i think what do YOU think

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