Eminem or Tupac.


posted by alvacar0240



Debate It! 33


Posted By bunty23,

Eminem All The Way !! Till I Die xx

Posted By xnicolebrankinx,


Posted By kacper kiid,

TUPAAAAC! alll theeee waaaayyy!

Posted By Artyk,

BTW, eminem is really good (till it do their songs with pop singers.... fuck that), but Tupac is a LEGEND.

Posted By Artyk,

tupac is fire

Posted By swaggmaster,

SSOO hard.... both are legends in their own respect

Posted By eminemxx,

When I checked my TOT, the views for this said 666. Oooh, coinsidence?

Posted By alvacar0240,

This is so hard to pik from i mean tupac hes a god among gods but Eminem has worked and worked to b a god i gess eminem

Posted By Rabbit,

emeinem 4 sure

Posted By rapper101,

Tupac for the win, eminem is good but Tupac is a legend !

Posted By WEEZYFR34K,

I do not want to disrespect Tupac but Eminem all the way

Posted By Eminemforlifefucklilwayne,

Tupac is the god of rap, he's a legend, tupac is by far the best rapper ever lived, i like both of these guys & eminem is fucking great too, but tupac is better.

Posted By Archon1990,

Tupac is the best ever no chance for eminem

Posted By SweezyZ10,


Posted By alz,

i dont even know how they can compare. if it was biggie and tupac then yhh. but tupac is light years ahead. he made more songs than eminem. HE STARTED GANGSTA RAP. (along with N.W.A and biggie) hes the more successful artist. em is decent but tupac is Creator of rap.

Posted By zeke713,

i cant choose ima have to let eny miny miny mo decide

Posted By NASTY DOG Z,

man i love em but tupac gots my vote

Posted By cheddar bob,

tupac one of the godfathers of rapp

Posted By cmannn,

if tupac didnt get killed hed be twice as big as eminem right now and the same goes for biggy smalls but since theyre both dead eminem is the king of rap and noone at the moment is better

Posted By mario17,

Tupacs a god but em's still rolling. so eminem

Posted By illic1t,

the shame :l , all the modern day things are getting to them, not disrespecting marshall but tupac was his inspiration, and he is king of rap..forever. <3 loveyou tupac.

Posted By yusser,

Both Legends ! Damn ! Tupac In 90's And Em From 2000 ...and On....

Posted By ShivamShady,

Eminem Foreva!

Posted By Shady Aftermath,

wtf eminem has way more votes then 2pac? u guys dont know shit about rap....

Posted By kaushik,

Eminem is a god. 2pac is a fake bitch ass wannabe rapper. Eminem for life.

Posted By Albo,

Though Tupac was Eminem's inspiration I still have to say Eminem because I love him and will one day marry him :)

Posted By pandaluv11,


Posted By iWannaBeScene,

tupacccc niggiaz who ever choose eminem iz either fuckin stupid of high and choose da wronqqq button west side till i die

Posted By vanewolf,


Posted By killerpanda666,

i love tupac but eminem would whoop his ass in a rap battle

Posted By codynator2000,

TUPAC all the way !!!

Posted By azith,

Eminem kills Tupac lyrically so much it's embarrassing. No pun intended. Some people just can't handle the fact that a white boy is the G.O.A.T.

Posted By IdrA,

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