Does Mashed Potatoes Fattening? (read description)


posted by Deezells


If you were to Mash a potato without anything added, such as, mayonnaise or sour cream, will it make you fat? Or will it still be the same as you eat a normal baked potato?

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the reason mash potato is so fattening is that it is added with milk or cream to get the creamy texture if you want a healthier version add lowfat mayonaise as i doubt that mashing a potato without anything would work

Posted By sarah...,

IT does work thats how we do ours at home!

Posted By paulphllps,

IT does work thats how we do ours at home!

Posted By paulphllps,

Coolio!! I was bout to make one today! My mum, who thinks she knows everything, said that it's gonna make you all puffy, and I was like WTF lol.
Now that I know it wont make you fat, Ima load my ass all day with this!! (Not Literally, just sayin'
Thanks for the feedbacks m8s :DD

Posted By Deezells,

I'll just boil the potato and mash it with fork and nom it. That's all, no salt, nothing.
Pretty sure it'd be the same as you eat hot-boiled Potato. ^_^

Posted By Deezells,

You are good to go =)

Posted By GillianKate,

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