Do you think that you are beautiful no matter what the others say or you think you need to change..?


posted by MusicDor


you have to think you are beautiful no matter what happens or what poeple says to you!(god makes no mistake:])

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what the heck?! you go fucking kill your self what are you an idiot its a SONG! by lady gaga! and god is somone i can realay on when i search for an ansewr that i dont know so i will have a reaon to stay alive every day i dont think that god his real but i still realy on him even though he isnt real and why are you so angry beacuse i said that god make no mistake?! are you an idiot you even cursing me like i killed your mother or somthing beacuse i said it what the heck?! i said god makes no mistakes beacuse i wanted that the setntece i worte before that will be stronger and more understable... think before you wirte somthing like that... even though god isnt real the sentece "god makes no mistakes" make me feel stronger that every humen is the same and we all beautful the way we are!(the song belong to lady gaga his name is"born this way")

Posted By MusicDor,

so what if he makes mistakes?! even thogh he does make mistakes this sentence just showing that every humen is the same and we all beautful! thats it....

Posted By MusicDor,

like i said i wirted it to make the sentence before to be more understable

Posted By MusicDor,

The sentence god makes no mistakes is just a way to say you have to love yourself just as you are and respect others as your equals. There is nothing wrong with a message like this...

You should be ashamed of telling someone to go kill themselves... there are NO good reasons to do that.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

im ugly, i want to change, i hate my life, im depressed so stop sayin fucken shit about everything

Posted By Morgana0109,

Oh yeah I'm impressed.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

Wowh, she just asked a question :o ??!

Posted By Fien Brynaert,

ye lol ty fienT^T

Posted By MusicDor,

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