Do you think Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look alike?


posted by MaliaKanakali


Slightly but not as much as everyone makes it sound. I think Zooey is more natural and prettier.

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katy perry= zooey deschanel but without the shame or class

Posted By LoveAndySamberg,

LOLL and without the talent if you ask me. Zooey is a godess... :)

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

wow didnt think of it they really look the sameXD

Posted By MusicDor,

The only differences are different lives and names,eyes,and hair

Posted By kali619,

yesyesyesss!! lol i thought in some movies the it was katy perry

Posted By nigahigayay24,


Posted By Belieber_06,

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