Do you love Kelly Clarkson more or less for her support of Ron Paul?


posted by Rebecca


Original 'American Idol' winner and pop star Kelly Clarkson recently tweeted her support for Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for presidency. Her endorsement drew criticism from many of her fans who were shocked that she would support someone whose camp sent out racist and homophobic newsletters in the 1980s.

Clarkson defended her stance, saying she's in favor of limited government, something that Ron Paul strongly supports. But her fanbase, many of whom are gay and liberal, don't agree and have been criticizing her and unfollowing her on Twitter. On the other hand, others see her support of Paul as favorable as indicated by a boost of sales for her most recent album following her endorsement.

Do you still love Kelly, or has her endorsement of Paul soured your opinion of her?

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I chose more simply because I'm not going to start disliking a celebrity just because of who they plan on voting for. If that was the case, 99% of my CD collection would have to be thrown out.

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