do you hate poeple who creat you mistake in this site??


posted by MusicDor


i know i do-_-

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i hate all the poeple who is going to corcet me i accidantly worte creat... i meant corect*

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Posted By MusicDor,


Posted By PuffleFluff,

*Do you hate people who correct your mistakes on this site.

I'll speak from a corrector's point of view. You know how teachers correct your work? That is so you can recognise your mistakes, and learn from them next time. Yes, maybe it's annoying. But if you spell something correctly/ use grammar properly next time, then you have learnt from your mistake. If English isn't your first language, you should be glad that we are correcting you. Then your english will improve and you will be able to communicate more effectively.

You need to learn something from the internet. People on it can be bastards. Deal with it, it's a cruel world.

Btw, you spelt correct wrong. And accidentally.

Posted By GillianKate,

And *people. Go and learn these words, it will help you a lot.

Posted By GillianKate,

yes i know but still its kinda annoying and thank you

Posted By MusicDor,

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