do u want Israel to stay or leave? from Palestine.


posted by toto dol


love Palestine and hate Israel or love Israel and hate Palestine

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israel you f@#$ing athest

Posted By kyletheheartless,

i say Israel because the U.N made it an independent state in palestine so they should blame the U.N for any trouble and israel has had trouble with arabic nations since they waged war on them for being Jewish.

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

These kind of?things are not just white or black... :(

Posted By dabrave,

you have to feel sad for the jews even when they get a nation to call their own they are still assaulted by their neighbors also palestine chose a violent approach instead of peace they should send one of their officials and make a plan for israel and palestine to exist as independent nations, the reason that Israeli troops are in palestine is because of the fact that they have the same holy spot and the muslims got angry that the pesident of Israel was there to pray and they started another intifada which was just violent protests throwing rocks, suicide bombs, and gunfights.

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

Yes, but the Jews took the land from the Arabs in the first place anyway, which tbh is asshole behaviour, so they brought it on themselves

Posted By chaz181,

Isreal must not leave the palestine area

Posted By danalash,

I say they should split the land between the two

Posted By swordie,

fuck.....!!!!!!!!!!, israel......!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By arez,

fuck you israel yahudi militan kafir laknattulloh jahanam kirdun......

Posted By arez,

i agree split the land the thing is that the islamic extemist millitants have been trying to launch missiles into israel twice and failed they failed to destroy israel as a country in 3 wars the U.N. supported them and if one U.N country says no they can't do anything there are arabic countries in the U.N they said to support israel in those wars this signifies that they deserve to have their own country they were persecuted by Russia, Spain, Germany twice during the holocaust and the plague, The Romans tried to kill them they killed jesus and he was a Jew, and now they are persecuted in their own country. i am a Jew and i support israel how would you feel if there was an islamic nation in france and everyone wanted to destroy them that's the same problem israel faces

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

haha go israel!

Posted By Jonnyman41,


Posted By LordPancake,


Posted By LordPancake,

whats wrong with u people? israel didn't do anything wrong. that land is as much as the jews as it is to the arabs. and its a super tiny country, so does it really matter that much?

Posted By LoveAndySamberg,


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Posted By lagar´s,

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