do justin bieber like girls or like boys

posted by liltjv


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obviously he likes boys

Posted By usher453,

Naw, Im a hater but he makes it quite obvious that he likes girls (hes dating one, duh).
Im not going to unessesarily lie about JB even though I hate him.

Posted By polerberr,

i like your opinions polerberr

Posted By lucyryan17,

He can date a girl... that doesnt mean he doesnt like boys ;)

Posted By Artyk,

theres no way he likes boys hes dating selena and in all of his books it clearly states that he is interested in girls.

Posted By twi_fan,

and why he have to state it in his books? i doubt about his sexuality.... you can date angelina jolie, say that you like girls.... that doesnt mean that what you say its true.... by the way.... Justin Bieber didnt write any book.... ppl write it for him.

Posted By Artyk,

does it really matter, u people are fucked

Posted By 778321869,

girls of course.. duh

Posted By iWannaBeScene,

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