Directioner or Belieber?

posted by sarahhhh


Debate It! 7

Neither, I hate those fucking cunts.

Posted By Neil13,

Shitty boy bands. Neither

Posted By sethcole96,

Neither I have a taste in music

Posted By Tammi222,

All those comments I really do like they all all surprising TRUE .... thanks for all of those very nice comments .... aye they nice compared to the bad stuff we could have said

Posted By kblazin21,

i hate both i only listen to Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance

Posted By itachi1810,

I HATE BOTH!!!!!!!!!

Posted By auroradee99,

Hate them both but if I had to choose it would be One Direction -_- I prefer My Chemical Romance. :3

Posted By innocentmake,

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