Did Jesus or planets come first?


posted by hugenot


Did Jesus or planets come first? Was Darwin right? Now we know that most of the evolution toehry was wrong!

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Well planets obviously came first, or else Jesus would have had nowhere to go...

Posted By Neil13,

No Jesus is the I AM and is everlasting without beginning and withoud end! http://www.bible-tube.com

Posted By hugenot,

Why was evolution wrong? I see no evidence against it.

Posted By BMT_RageAndLove,

Earth was created by god then god sent Jesus down to Earth millions of years later to save us

Posted By SuperSenben,

Most of the evolution theory has NOT been proved wrong. Do your research.

Posted By GillianKate,

Please stop posting religion or science things-they're pointless as its only opinion and science keeps winning-btw im for science

Posted By bombaypotato,

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