Denny's vs. Ihop

posted by JaxValentine


Debate It! 8

Definitely IHOP. Denny's is tragic.

Posted By Rebecca,

I could so go for some waffles right now!

Posted By Karla,

I voted for Denny's because they cater to the outcasts from society, but honestly I would choose Village Inn 1000 times over either one!

Posted By Volatile,


Posted By TaylorChyenne,

Iv never ate at any (european) but iv heard IHop is good

Posted By polerberr,

there are neither in my city.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

Didn't Some Guy Get Beaten With A Hammer At Denny's?
Just Saying... [;

Posted By yochic156,


Posted By IdrA,

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