Charlie Sheen...should we be concerned or enjoy the show?


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There's no denying the mania of Charlie Sheen and his media driven public who can't get enough of him. With nearly 3 million Twitter followers it seems there is no shortage of people to enjoy and encourage his rants. He has set new records on the site and has sold out venues in Detroit and Chicago in a matter of minutes. It's obvious that we find him fascinating, but maybe for the wrong reasons? Experts can (and will) tell us why it is dangerous to encourage his behavior, but here are a few that are not from an expert. 5) Warlocks, goddesses and trolls? Someone's either played too much D&D or taken too much acid. 4) Duh...winning. 3) If we keep encouraging him, he'll join FaceBook and start poking people with his Torpedo of Truth! 2) The fact that a guy with no teeth gets laid more than you do. 1) Even CBS stopped caring.

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i hate you johnny4

Posted By stwcc,

That's too bad...I thought we were hitting it off.

Posted By Johnny4,

well he is old enough to make decisions we should just sit and enjoy the show

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What I admire about Charlie is, the fact that he has the balls to say what he wants without caring about everyone else thinks. He doesn't hide behind screen names or blame it on anyone else...he just owns it. Right or wrong, like it or not, he doesn't give a shit. IMHO, I think he's in trouble, and fear that one day we're going to be discussing who should have done something and didn't, pointing fingers in everyone else's direction after the fact. Just wanted to get this out there now because I don't like to say I told you so, but I was right about the FaceBook thing...just sayin'.

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