Celebrity ensemble films like 'New Year's Eve': love 'em or hate 'em?


posted by Rebecca


The movie 'Love Actually' seemed to have set off a trend of movies that cast a ton of well-known actors who get their own little subplots about relationships and romance. After the charming Christmas film, there have been a slew of copycats including the critically panned 'Valentine's Day' and the newly released 'New Year's Eve.' Each film, usually centered around a holiday and crammed full of actors with brief cameos and story lines, seems to get worse and worse yet studios continue to crank them out.

Do you love this new genre of "holiday romance collage," or are you already sick of it?

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well I saw valentine's day and I didn't think it was good. just because you shove a whole bunch of current celebs in a movie doesn't mean it's going to be good

Posted By deathly_hallows,

i actually dont care lo... something to watch

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

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