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posted by LilVickyXx


It wouldnt let me log on to my account so i started this new one. I dont know why it wouldnt let me log on because my email and password was right ? Comment please :)

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Posted By Neil13,

Let us know if you have any questions!

Posted By ThisOrThat,

same thing happen to me, i havent been on in months and when i tried putting my email in, it said i didnt have an account

Posted By wecameaskelly,

me 2

Posted By graciek100,

TOT lost like a load of accounts from the last 5 months :( I

Posted By HypocricalVampire,

That's the only reason I've made this one xD I had an old one too! It sucks!

Posted By PlayingHeartsLikeToys,

That happened to me.. I created a new one as well :/

Posted By MrsRadcliffe59,

Thanks for letting me know :) I guess i will have to carry on with this new account now :)

Posted By LilVickyXx,

me im like pissed off cuz i had some good questions on and shit

Posted By mary kiddo,

the same thing happened to me so i just made a new account

Posted By iamaGryffindor,

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