Brad and Angelina are getting married. Are you totes excited?


posted by Rebecca


Welp, it appears as if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally going to tie the knot after several years of dating and a bajillion kids. I was under the impression that they didn't care about marriage and were standing firm on the "If gays can't marry, we won't get married" idea, but that seemed to have lasted all of five fabulous minutes before they were like, "Screw the gays, we need to make it official."

This will be Angelina's third marriage and Brad's second. Are you ecstatic or apathetic?

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I thought they were already married... Gosh I'm an idiot.

Posted By Neil13,

^so did i...

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

Same. I guess we are all on the idiot boat but I never keep up with celeb news cuz most of is it is to much drama like the kardashians

Posted By gleefanallaround,

bleh, i dont really care

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Mark me down as well. Better question, who didn't know they weren't married yet raise your hands.

Posted By Writtenin1981,

I am happy for them.I am sure that Angelina will be a very beautiful bride!

Posted By waves,

I swear I thought they were already married

Posted By gleefanallaround,

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