Would You Use an App That Pays People Stuck in Traffic?

Posted on by Robert Seitzinger (rseitzinger)
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CommutePays is a free mobile app that tracks traffic data along specified routes. It works with route information that gets entered after downloading the app, and the smartphone (it is available to Android and iPhone, with a BlackBerry app on the way) is then able to identify potential delays before the user takes to the road. While driving, the user accrues CommuterCash that opens up deals, offers, and promotions that exist on their route.

In other words, a user gets the app, then does the driving they were already going to do. They make virtual bucks that are used to buy coffee, dinner specials, auto services, and other stuff that exists along their trip from home to the office, school, wherever. The app is free to download and there are no charges for using the coupons earned while driving.

They do not need to use the app while driving -- because, you know, they're driving -- but rather they enter their route and then check their CommuterCash when they arrive. They should check route info before they get in the car, as they will see up-to-date info on how congested a route is before they leave.

How 'bout it? Would you use an app that makes commuting easier and pays you for providing traffic info? Watch the cartoon below or visit the CommutePays website to learn more.

Would you use CommutePays?

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very cool ap!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

I too am not sure about this.
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Posted By billyjeans,

I don't know. Maybe in the future or what. The thing is, government should fix traffic problems.

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