Would 3D Make Life Better?

Posted on by Josh Titsworth (joshuatitsworth)
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One thing I used to look forward to when I go to movies was the previews. But nowadays I'm getting sick of them. Why? Because it seems like every freaking one is coming soon...in 3D. Are some movies better in 3D? Yeah, they are. But just because James Cameron had some success with a 3D Na'vi love scene doesn't mean every hack pathetic sad poor excuse of a director should use it to mask the crap hide behind 3D appear talented "improve" their movie.

Please...make it stop

And now manufactures are making TVs in 3D so couch potatoes can watch their favorite shows in 3D. Really?! People want this? Well, I guess there is a sizable market for that. But how long is going to be until glasses are made to people can experience 3D from normal everyday life? Seem insane? Consumers are buying the TVs, why not the glasses? Hey, just imagine what these everyday scenarios would be like if viewed in 3D:

Weddings in 3D

For the bridesmaid who never catches the bouquet.

Sports Events in 3D

For people tired of the nosebleed section.

Political Debates in 3D

For people who wish they could kick a candidate in the shins.

Mowing the Lawn in 3D

For people who wish cutting grass was more exciting.

Christenings in 3D

For parents who just want to brag that their kid was christened in 3D.

Surgery in 3D

For people who enjoy occasional arterial spurting.

Work in 3D

For people who always wondered what working would be like when taking drugs.

I have to admit, just from the comedic value some of those would provide, I might try the 3D glasses if they ever came out...maybe. But enough about me; what about you? Does 3D make everything better? Or is it over-hyped, over-used and needs to be left alone? Please, no comments in 3D.

Would 3D make life better?

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Life is already in 3D.

Posted By HeyIAmPablo,

As are sports events.

Posted By BrianN,


Posted By XDXD,

I suppose it would be O-kay but if normal everyday life can be improved so can 3d life.

Posted By WolfieWilliams,

Does that mean David Cameron's would be in 3D as well?

Posted By iYoshi ,


Posted By H3llokittyluv,

I don't like 3D and if everyday life was in 3D it would destroy our world and our culture. NO 3D!!!

Posted By the finmister,

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