Will the Sexes Ever Be Equal? Dame Judi Dench & 007 Weigh In

Posted on by Sara McGinnis (SaraMcGinnis)
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Dame Judi Dench and your current Bond extraordinaire (aka Daniel Craig) have a thing or two to say to you chauvinists, and like any well-seasoned media veterans, they know putting a guy in drag is a great way to get their point across.

In the video, posted here below for your ogling pleasure, the great Dame (not to be confused with a Great Dane) narrates as Daniel Craig femmes it up in honor of Women's History Month.

"Are we equals?" Dame Judi asks. "Until the answer is 'Yes' we must never stop asking."

While the current status of the sexes, along with their real-world equality, remains debatable, here is one factoid that is not. When it comes to language and a little thing called the palindrome, the 'sexes' are, in fact, quite equal.

Say it forward, say it back. S-E-X-E-S. Bam! Take that, Dame Judi and sidekick Craig. Got any other problems I can solve for ya?

Will men and women ever be equals?

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Debate It! 2

I'd like to say yes, but when the balance shifts in favor of women, I think that men will have to make up for the past for a while.

Posted By lockheed40,

i guess that's a blind spot on the freeway of knowledge OR macho men society

Posted By Eliwood3323,

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