Will Osama Help Obama in 2012?

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The successful mission to take out Osama bin Laden is one of the biggest achievements of the Obama Presidency. In the long run, it does not do much to take out the Al-Qaeda leader 10 years into a war we started with a completely different country, but it looks good on your resume.

Unfortunately, politically, this could not have come at a worse time. The short-term bump that Obama got was nice, but will amount to little help in 2012. In 2000, the election was run on healthcare, education, and taxes. In 2004, the election was run on national security. In 2008, the election was about the economy. In 2012, the biggest problem will still be the economy.

As a national security issue, this is huge. For all of the talk many presidents do about national security, Obama was able to take out the most hunted man in the world. That's big. Unfortunately, national security is not a hot button issue, not as much as it was over the past decade, anyway. The economy is. Jobs, recovery, regulations, taxes - this is the core of the 2012 debate.

The bin Laden mission certainly helps improve Obama's street cred on defense. The Paul Ryan budget helps Obama's stance on healthcare, as the GOP proposal is not going to go down too well with any party. On the economy, well, that's the big issue, and no one seems to be saying what the voters want to hear.

The economy is not looking good. Prices for everything from oil to food are not looking good. Jobs are being created slower than they are being shipped overseas. No one is happy with the direction of the country. No one is happy with any healthcare reform proposals. Our spending, deficit, debt, and entitlement programs need to be seriously reined in. These are the big issues of the 2012 election. As great as taking out bin Laden was, it really does not make a dent in the top issues most people care about.

A recent Gallup poll showed that most people consider the economy the most important issue in the country, particularly unemployment, federal debt and deficit, and gas prices. Non-economic issues people considered important were corruption, healthcare, and education. A mere 4% said they believed to be the war on terror and national security the most important issue.

Obama took out bin Laden. He has that to put on his resume. Hopefully by 2012 he will also have withdrawn the troops from Iraq, as promised. Which of the GOP candidates have any accomplishments in the top ranked Republican strong point, national security? *crickets*

At the same time, this will only go so far. If Obama isn't able to utilize the political capital he got from taking out bin Laden on some real reforms on issues people care about, there isn't going to be much else that he can show for his first term in the campaign.

How Much Will Bin Laden Help Obama in 2012?

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