Who You Gonna Call? Not Ernie Hudson, Apparently

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There may not be any more universally loved science fiction comedy movie than Ghost Busters. There may not be any more reviled science fiction comedy than Ghost Busters II. This makes the persistent rumors that there is going to be a Ghost Busters III some 22 years after the sequel was released a bit watershed. On the one hand, if the producers and directors and writers could do the movie right, there is no doubt that they could have a big time hit on their hands, as the phrase "Who you gonna call?" is still almost always rejoined with "Ghost Busters!"

On the other hand, the third movie could turn out to be far worse than the second one (which was only enjoyable if you also enjoy seeing how far you can jam sharp metal rods up your nose until you meet resistance.) As much as I would love for this particular project to be a smash hit, there are some troubling signs. First there were the reports that despite Ivan Reitman (who directed both films), Harold Ramis, and Dan Akroyd (two of the original four Ghost Busters) have already begun working on the project, Bill Murray was reluctant to sign on.

Now comes word that one member of the dynamic foursome hasn't even been approached to reprise his role. Ernie Hudson played Winston Zedmore in the first two flicks, and it has to be said that without him the movies (at least the original) would not be as good as they were. Hudson's straight man, the outsider who was simply there to do a job alongside three eccentric but brilliant scientists, was what made the team so likeable.

There is also something to be said for sequels, especially sequels to cult classics, that stink out loud when they try and replace one of the main cogs of the original like this. Sadly, Hudson appears interested, saying, "I haven't seen anybody with any money, but I hear it's happening, and I've been reading all the press stuff, and the fans have been telling me that it's on." Hudson made my heart break by adding, "I have no idea and I'm not waiting for it, but I'd love to see it happen."

Ernie, if they go ahead with the project and leave you out of it, don't worry, it'll probably be a pile of suck anyway.

Can a Ghostbusters 3 Without Ernie Hudson Succeed?

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Sadly, Ernie Hudson was sort of the Token Black Guy in the movie. He could and should have been used better.

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