Wanted: New Aflac Duck Voice

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Are you in search of a new job? According to a recent article, you may have found a job description on Monster.com that read: "Translates complex messages into a single word that tells people, 'Aflac is the insurance company that they can count on in their time of need.'" That's right, Aflac has launched a nationwide search for a new voice for the duck on Aflac's commercials. They're even calling it "America's best job" (no joke).

The Search

After getting rid of Gottfried due to jokes that "did not represent the feelings of the company," Aflac is taking a comprehensive look at available talent. Reportedly they are considering using a voice from the general public but is not opposed to using another celebrity. If you thought you were up for the job, you could simply submit an audio or video file to a website that was then evaluated by the company. They accepted submissions until midnight of April Fool's Day.

The search that Aflac is conducting is in the spirit of American Idol, as clarified by the company. Not only were they accepting web-based submissions, but they also held live auditions in six cities, including Los Angeles and New York.

A New Duck (Voice)

Aflac plans to launch the new talent on April 22nd when they will air the first ad with the new voice. After 11 years with Gottfried, the time has come for a change. Who's it gonna be, an Average Joe or a new (and hopefully less controversial) celebrity?

Will the new voice of Aflac be another celeb or an Average Joe?

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