Want to Look Like a Working Man Without Actually Working? Lucky Brand Has You Covered

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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A while back I brought up a t-shirt sold by Wet Seal that took the English language from behind and humiliated it so much, it's getting a "ripped from the headlines" episode on Law and Order: SVU. Today's shirt doesn't bastardize proper spelling and grammar, but it does take a dump on the hearts of working stiffs in blue collar jobs. Want the illusion of being a hard-working mechanic who gets grime under your fingernails and comes home with an aching back, grease in your hair, and oil-stained clothing, but are turned off by that whole "manual labor" thing? Don't fret, my hipster chum with way too much disposable income at hand! Lucky Brand has the perfect shirt for you!

For the low price of $119, you can purchase the "Legend Mechanic Denim Western Shirt," a button-up that includes a "grease stain" to "prove" how "authentic, vintage western" you are. Pair it with some $248 jeans for a look that says, "Feast your eyes on this Canadian tuxedo, you common peasant!"

Want this look for less? Pick up an $18 denim shirt at Wal-Mart and smear some $6 Valvoline on it and you've got yourself a chic addition to your wardrobe for about 1/5 the cost. Or, you know, you could also be an actual mechanic whose work clothes aren't meant to be some douchey fashion statement, but where's the fun in dressing like that unironically? Fashion isn't about truths or being genuine, it's about pretending to know something about cars while secretly speed-dialing AAA because you need more wiper fluid and you don't want to look less-than-manly in front of your twee girlfriend who's wearing a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah t-shirt, leggings, and a grandpa cardigan. Because nothing is manlier than a faux-mechanic western shirt that you overpaid for.

Which shirt is worse?

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I actually really like Lucky's t-shirts and jeans, but that's some Ice Cube "No Vaseline" level screwing of customers right there.

Posted By Michael Clyde,

Your/ you're really bugs me.

Posted By Karla,

This was well worth it just to learn the phrase "Canadian Tuxedo."

Posted By Jon,

Yeah, I was just thinking that who-taught-you-grammar mistakes always lose.

Posted By lockheed40,

i think the next step in the pretending-to-have-an-active lifestyle clothes should be armpit stains in the shirts.

Posted By Nate,

and they should add smells. guys that work in an auto shop don't smell like axe spray and hair gel.

Posted By Nate,

Wow, both are horrible..

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

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