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URL for sharing: http://thisorth.at/716

All of us at This or That thought it would be fun to share as much as we can about the technology that powers the site and the thinking behind it. We started the company with the goal of quickly making high performance web apps that we can rapidly iterate, and we.re not afraid to be early adopters if we are convinced that.s the way to produce a better experience for our users (plus we like to save money!). To that end, we.ve built our app with heavy use of open source tools.

Here are a few of the technical highlights of This or That

  • This or That is entirely written in HTML 5
  • Our data infrastructure lives on Amazon.s EC2/S3 cloud
  • Our platform language is Java 1.6 (we don.t always go with the newest thing!)
  • We are HUGE fans of jQuery.
  • We are using Tomcat 5.5 as our app server, Apache as our load balancer, HornetQ for JMS, and Varnish as a proxy server
  • We are heavy users of Spring framework (3.0) and Hibernate ORM
  • Our db is MySQL 5.1
  • For image cutting we are using ImageMagick 6.5.9

In future posts, we plan to pe much deeper into how we.ve tackled some of the technical challenges at This or That. We hope that through sharing these experiences, we will help everyone in the community learn as well as helps us find new insights. In the meantime, if you have any questions about any technical aspects of This or That, post a comment or feel free to email us tech@thisorthat.com!

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