5 Surprisingly Awesome Instrumentalized Songs

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Removing the words and real instruments from classic songs and replacing them with synthesizers and, well, not much else, sounds like a bad idea. Most of the time, that's the case. However, sometimes what synthesizers have wrought, no man should undo. Here are five shockingly good listens, playing now at your local drug store and sit-down Chinese joint.

1. Leave a Tender Moment Alone

Billy Joel wrote this classic about intimacy intending for his words to be heard. However, the melody is really quite sweet all on its own. Perusing the aisles at Rite Aide for body lotion and astringent has never felt to gentle, so pure. You were right, Billy, more than you knew. Those tender moments can happen any old time.

2. How Do I Live?

Leann Rimes can effin belt a tune like nobody's business. As someone who spent the majority of her teen years blasting this song and kissing a mirror named Joey, I know this. The instrumental version is pretty much the same as the sung version, minus those pipes. Maybe this nostalgia is unique to me, but the wordlessness makes it that much easier for me to belt out my own version. Hey, there are mirrors in Macy's elevators . . .

3. Deck the Halls

This one caught me by surprise at a fancy sit-down Asian fusion place. While pondering the MSG content of my Udon, a peculiar holly-and-ivy vigor and cinnamon jolliness crept over me as I haplessly hummed along to...an instrumentalized Christmas song, in the middle of May, no less! Yes, the secret is out. Owners of certain Asian restaurants think that enjoyable American music includes holiday tunes all year 'round. And judging by the goofy grin and peace to all men that I was feeling in that moment as the lilting, wordless verses played, I tend to agree.

4. Don't Stop Believing

Nothing could keep this impossibly upbeat, scream-it-at-karaoke song by Journey down, not even using the synthed-up instrumentalized version outside of Sing Sing. When I need the motivation to push my shopping cart all the way back from the register to the cleaning aisle, not quite trusting that I will find that can of Bon Ami I forgot, this song assures me I can make it. I am a hero. I (*keyboardized guitar solo*) will never stop believing...

5. Wonderwall

No song this mellow could fail in an instrumentalized setting. Granted, the wordless version is a little heavy on the flute sounds and gets me thinking about elves returning rings to fiery abysses and such, but I'm open to that. As long as the elves sport collared shirts and tinted glasses.

How do you prefer your tunes?

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haha i totally agree with this list :D \m/

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