Titanic 3D: Worth the Update or Waste of Time?

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Titanic is the ultimate cinematic vehicle for its actors, director, producers, screenwriters...hell, it's likely that even the staff accountants and caterers won some awards and have enjoyed an ensuing 15 years of career successes and royalties.

3D is the ultimate cinematic vehicle for polarizing audiences. Though popular with audiences and a growing number of directors, there is a Facebook page dedicated to denigrating the medium, and Christopher Nolan, the man behind the Batman Dark Knight reboot and such films as Inception and The Prestige, has been noted as refusing to use the gimmick in his work.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the film's namesake ship setting sail, a 3D release is planned on April 6 of this year. What is your take on the 3D release of the film that spent more than a decade atop the list of highest-grossing films ever? Is this just a greedy ploy by James Cameron, an effort to make a fresh generation of teen girls weep for Jack and Rose? Or does the film's cinematic prowess justify a second release in a third dimension?

Is Titanic 3D a good idea?

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?'A hundred years ago, a lot of people died in a horrible tragedy that was made much worse due to what was essentially a class war. LOL THREEE-DEEE re-release of the movie, to commemorate their deaths! It'll be awesome fun, guyz!'

I won't begrudge people their desire to see an emotionally bloated and crappy movie (that has a horrible soundtrack) in theatres again, we all have our guilty pleasures. But....seriously, releasing this on the anniversary is f*cking stupid, unless they donate ALL of the proceeds to a combination of poverty-battling charities, and marine safety improvement initiatives. Hear that, Cameron? ALL OF THE PROCEEDS.

Or maybe you could just give all of the money to the MPAA, because both the business model they support, and their websites, are both massive sinking ships. Hur hur hur.

PS - Dear world: Sorry about Celine Dion. We don't know what happened there, but we don't like it, either. Sincerely, Canada.

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Personally i don't like 3d remake, including titanic

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