This or That Takes a Nosedive

Posted on by Jon Kelly (Jon)
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Just before 8am local time this morning, the main database for This or That became unusable, taking our site down for about 4 hours. Our backup and recovery system also failed, resulting in the loss of everything that has been added to the site in the last 5 months. Unfortunately, we will not be able to restore any of the user accounts, content, or data that has not already been restored on the site.

I can only offer my deepest apologies to all ToT users, especially those who have lost ToTs, comments, votes, questions, points, or even their user account due to our technical failure this morning. We all feel terrible about what happened and, of course, we'll do everything in our power to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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That totally sucks...sorry it happened to you. Haven't been here in awhile but saw your tweet and had to come check it out. Hope your night is better than your day :(.

Posted By zanvia,

Thanks so much @zanvia, very, very much appreciated!

Posted By Jon,

Ouch. That hurts. I sure wish I had had the foresight to store copies of all my articles on my hard drive. I've got some first drafts in text files but the rest is gone into the ethers. I'm going to go huddle in a corner and sob now.

Posted By jclymer,

Ouch... I just logged in and got all confused when I noticed that the Tournament was gone D: Will it be restarted, or will it just be continued as it was, or will the tourney just be cancelled? You know, the Best Kids Movie or something like that xD

Anyways, like zanvia said, sorry it happened :/ But at least it's back up on it's feet, I guess?

Posted By polerberr,

@Polerberr We're starting a different tournament later today. :)

Posted By ThisOrThat,

Cool, I look forward to it :3

That reminds me... I feel like making one myself xD I remember when I held my first tourney, the Harry Potter one... that was fun, lol.

Posted By polerberr,

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