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With our recent re-design, we've added a This or That jobs page.

Right now, we're looking for incredible writers who can blog in any or all of our site's new categories:
    • Politics
    • Entertainment
    • Sports
    • Tech
    • Biz
    • Politics
    • Lifestyle
    • Offbeat
We're looking for writers to develop a mix of breaking news, research pieces, and editorials. If you're interested, please review the writing on our site to see if your style fits – every post should be passionate, thought-provoking, or amusing (and some should be all three). We want our users to "own the watercooler" by becoming aware of and knowledgeable about the hot stories each day.

You can contribute as often as you'd like, but we'd prefer writers who can stay with us a while and contribute at least 2 or 3 times per week. Pay will depend on the length and type of post.

To apply, shoot an email to and include a couple writing samples (links to previous articles/posts you've written) so we can get an idea of where you stand on the Awesome Scale.

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i would love to shimy up some writing for u im a spectacular writer i actually have a part time job thinking of ideas for professenal if u slap a paper in front ill give you a darn good story!

Posted By mitt5,

It can be wonderful to have the chance to read an excellent excellent quality review with useful info on subject matters that plenty are interested on.

Posted By CPRSJ,

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