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Techcrunch Disrupt

Now that This or That has come out of the closet, it's time to spread news of our website, and what better way to do that than to mingle with other startups at Techcrunch Disrupt. Two ToT employees will be flying to NYC for next week.s show (May 24th . 26th) to demo This or That, spread the good word about what the site does and why people should use it, and to win loyalty by giving out free t-shirts (who doesn't love a free t-shirt?).

What is Disrupt? It's Techcrunch.s gathering of various innovators who are looking to disrupt technology and media. The focus is on change, opportunity, and what the future has in store. In addition to sessions, there will be a non-traditional expo hall called Startup Alley that will consist of different new companies and websites showcasing their products and services.  And that.s where we come in! Hopefully attendees will love This or That enough to pick us as the audience favorite, at which point we.ll be able to compete in the Startup Battlefield. Sounds pretty bad-ass, doesn't it? The Battlefield is a tournament style structure where a winning startup will emerge with $50,000 to help continue to build their vision.

We're really looking forward to meeting other innovative folks and spreading the word about This or That. Even if we don.t get chosen to participate in the Battlefield, thrilled to be attending Disrupt and can't wait to infiltrate New York City with our awesome comparisons. We feel that This or That disrupts the decision-making process by bringing a crowd-sourcing mentality to making comparisons, and by integrating social media and networking into this process, we're shaking up how people compare two different things and make it more fun and much easier to put together and manage.

So there you have it . be on the lookout for me and Matt at Disrupt next week. I'll be posting coverage of the event on our blog and will be sure to share our experience with you all. If attending, be sure to say hi and stop by our demo area to pick up a t-shirt and learn more about This or That!

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