The Vuvuzela: Ruining the World Cup, One "Bzzzz" At a Time

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The World Cup is upon us, folks, and it's grabbed our attentions and captivated us just as it has in previous years. This time, however, the focus isn't squarely on which team will win or how well the all-star athletes are performing. Instead, I get the impression that we'll look back at the 2010 World Cup and remember one thing above everything else: the vuvuzela.

If you haven't been keeping up with the event recently, the current World Cup is being hosted in South Africa. A regional custom is to blow a horn at soccer matches, presumably to drum up excitement and, well, buzz, for the game, although the end result is an incessant and loud droning noise. This musical abomination is called the vuvuzela, and the cheap, one-note horns have infiltrated the World Cup.

Soccer fan playing the vuvuzela

The World Cup stadiums have a capacity ranging from 40,000 to over 90,000 people, and most of these rabid soccer fans are wielding a vuvuzela and tooting them like they're Miles Davis. Athletes are complaining that it's hard to concentrate with the constant loud droning raping their ears, and enough fans are fed up with the noise that ear plug sales have increased over 120% in just the first few days of the matches. While officials debate whether or not to ban the annoying instrument, vuvuzela apps for the Droid and the iPhone are already popping up, and so are various Internet memes. Lifehacker has even instructed on how to block the stupid horn noise in World Cup broadcasts.

heroic vuvuzela

One of many recent Internet jokes about the vuvuzela

The biggest criticism of the instrument (aside from, of course, the ridiculously obnoxious noise) is that the diverse culture of World Cup soccer fans is being replaced by a monotonous buzzing sound. Gone are unique chants, songs, and fan celebrations; the beautiful diversity of each country's team and its fans has pretty much disintegrated amidst a sea of indistinguishable droning.

I'll leave it up to you guys. Do you think the vuvuzela is ruining the 2010 World Cup? Cast you vote and let's spark up a debate!

Is the vuvuzela ruining the 2010 World Cup?

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