The People Guiding the Obama Agenda

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The United States makes a lot about the power of the president. It is true, the President of the United States has quite a bit of reach, but with so much jurisdiction a president is really only as good as his aides and advisers.

The diligence and agenda of those advisers quickly becomes federal policy. This is why it is curious that Obama has picked so many bankers, lobbyists, and corporatists to run his government. Take a look at the resumes of these 7 top Obama officials and think about whose interests they are more likely to represent.

7. Jack Lew

Jack Lew, the man Obama picked to replace Office of Management and Budget (OMB) head Peter Orszag, is a longtime political aide. Prior to the Obama Administration, Lew spent a long time in the Clinton Administration. While he had some free time in between, he spent a few years as the COO of a Goldman Sachs group that profited off the mortgage crisis by investing in a hedge fund that bet on the housing market to fail.

6. Tom Donilon

Donilon, a close Obama aide and his current National Security Adviser, is a man largely responsible for the housing crisis. He spent years as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae during the Clinton and Bush years. During that time, he pushed Congress to rewrite laws that allowed Fannie Mae to get through regulations that would have landed its top players in jail a decade prior. Right before joining the Obama campaign, he worked at a law firm as an adviser for large financial firms.

5. Jim Messina

While Obama's 2008 "Hope" and "Change" campaign was run by experienced progressive political operatives and a large grassroots effort, it is now being run by a guy who pushed against the public option and the Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal from inside the White House. Jim Messina, now Obama's 2012 campaign manager, had worked as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the White House - Karl Rove's old job. Prior to coming to the White House, he worked as an aide to Max Baucus, one of the most conservative Democratic senators.

4. William Lynn

William Lynn violated Obama's "Revolving Door Ban" on lobbyists in the first month of the presidency. Lynn, now the Deputy Defense Secretary, had worked for years as the head of a lobbying group for Raytheon - the fifth largest defense contractor in the world. Lynn has spent the least two-plus years working for the President that has used the most defense contractors in the history of the United States.

3. Herbert Allison

Allison is a lifelong banker having spent nearly three decades working for Merrill Lynch. After initially being tabbed to run the government-seized Fannie Mae, Obama tabbed him to become the Assistant Treasury Secretary in charge of overseeing the entire $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

2. Tim Geithner

While claiming he supported tougher financial regulations in the public, Geithner greatly relaxed regulations on huge corporations as the President of the New York Federal Reserve (also the Vice President of the Federal Reserve). Geithner worked on the same street as the bankers that created the 2008 financial collapse, yet did nothing about it. In fact, all things point to the fact that it was Geithner's relaxed regulations that allowed "too-big-to-fail" companies to overreach and fail. Today, he is in his third year as the country's Treasury Secretary - overseeing an economy with the largest federal debt in the world, largest budget deficit in the world, and, according to some experts, heading for another recession.

1. William Daley

The Chief of Staff, the position held by the William Daley, the brother of former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, is arguably the second most powerful in the country. The Chief of Staff has the President's ear at all times and has vast power and reach throughout the administration. Daley got the position while working as an executive at J.P. Morgan Chase. He had worked for several banks prior as well as for the Clinton administration.

The bankers, lobbyists, and executives now working as top level White House officials may help to explain why the administration gives in to corporations on all hard issues. With so many pro-corporate voices at the highest level of government, it is no doubt that the middle class loses every fight.

Does the Obama Administration Support The Interests of the Corporations or the Public?

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Seriously? they're all BUSINESSMEN. AND WHITE

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