"Supermoon" Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction?

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This Saturday the 19th, make sure you look up in the sky. If you aren't living in a cloudy place like me (Seattle), you have a good chance to see something that'll knock your socks off, and might just knock the world into pieces as well...or so a few scientists say. The supermoon period is just a fancy way of saying, "Wow, the moon is really close to the Earth!" If you look up in the sky on Saturday, you'll see a bright, vivid, beautiful moon.

A number of sensational stories circulated the net the day before the Japanese quakes that claimed the upcoming "supermoon" could have some very massive implications... in the form of the apocalypse. The articles make claims that the supermoon will cause worldwide disasters because of the moon's gravitational influence over the world's oceans. They also claim that since the moon will be so close, it might just suddenly extend its influence to the Earth's shifting plates as well.

Combine this theory with a sudden Japanese 8.9 magnitude quake the day following, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster (no pun intended). Everyone started believing this Supermoon bunk, and CNN's subsidiary even featured a story on their morning news that the supermoon could cause worldwide disasters.

Luckily, the brilliant scientists at NASA took a minute away from speaking with alien lifeforms in Area 51 to comment that the supermoon will only have a very limited affect on Earth, other than the fact that'll it'll be super pretty.

"The effects on Earth from a supermoon are minor," says NASA chief scientist Dr. James Garvin.

"The Earth has stored a tremendous amount of internal energy within its thin outer shell or crust, and the small differences in the tidal forces exerted by the moon (and sun) are not enough to fundamentally overcome the much larger forces within the planet due to convection (and other aspects of the internal energy balance that drives plate tectonics). Nonetheless, these supermoon times remind us of the effect of our 'Africa-sized' nearest neighbor on our lives, affecting ocean tides and contributing to many cultural aspects of our lives (as a visible aspect of how our planet is part of the solar system and space)."
- Dr. James Garvin, from NASA's webpage.

What is the Moon's real disposition?

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I didn't know you lived in Seattle. Maybe, just MAYBE we'll get clear skies. Probably not.

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