Puppies Aren't Meant to Be Mailed (Even If You Do Send Them Priority)

Posted on by Kirby Reed (Kirby)
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A Minneapolis woman is now facing animal cruelty charges after she tried mailing a puppy. So much for "If it fits, it ships." Don't worry, the little poodle-mix puppy is fine. It never even got so far as the mail truck. Postal workers discovered the packaged pup after the box fell over and started to make noises. I don't know about you, but if I was working at the post office and a package started moving around, I'd be thinking gremlin - and not the cute Gizmo kind.

So one point goes to the workers for uncovering the pooch, but they get subtracted a point for not asking "Liquid, hazardous, fragile or perishable?", because I'm pretty sure a LIVE animal falls under the latter two options. The crazy part is, the little dog technically still belongs to the whackadoo. Officers would be crazy to give the pup back. You know she'll just try UPS or FedEx the little guy. Didn't this lady learn anything from China's Year of the Dead Rabbit?

Which cute little animal do you prefer (not shipped to you of course)?

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Posted By Mr.Truther,

They're both pretty cute, but puppies FTW!

Posted By Kirby,

Still safe than Delta for pets.

Posted By Actionamy,

Update! Crazy Puppy Mailing Lady defends herself, wants pup back. Watch it here: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2011/02/08/dnt.mailed.puppy.kare?hpt=T2

Posted By Kirby,

i wouldn't want any of them to be mailed but i would have to choose puppies

Posted By moose101,

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