Pull Your Pants Up! Dez Bryant Banned From Favorite Mall For Wearing Sagging Britches

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We've all seen the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" signs that adorn businesses all over the country, but could "Pull Your Pants Up or Get Out" be about to replace them? Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant could be a test case of this new phenomenon of shopping centers and stores deciding that wearing clothes isn't enough if you aren't going to wear them the way they were meant to be worn.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bryant was shopping in his favorite mall with a couple of his friends when some sort of argument or disturbance broke out between the friends and North Park Center Shopping Complex employees. While details are a little sketchy as to exactly what happened, we do know this. One of the men shopping has been banned from the mall for 90 days, not because he became violent with anyone, but apparently because his pants were riding so low that employees told him to pull them up because they could see his underwear. Why this story is newsworthy is because the mall claims the man who was banned was Bryant himself, while Bryant says it was one of the men who was with him.

Despite the fact that Bryant regularly frequents this particular mall, the mall wants him to take a three month "timeout" after several reports that he was acting in poor behavior, including harassing some women at the food court and jumping in line at the Apple Store. Whatever the real story is, one thing is abundantly clear: when shopping at the North Park Center mall, bring a belt.

When strolling through the mall, how do you wear your pants

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