Preggers Kate Hudson Drinks Wine, America Gathers Pitchforks

Posted on by Allyson Reedy (cherreturns)
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Recently photos surfaced of a pregnant Kate Hudson enjoying a glass of wine at dinner with boyfriend and baby daddy, Matt Bellamy, in Argentina. No big deal in Argentina, but the blogospheres are abuzz with angry mommies proclaiming her to be the worst mom since a certain "No wire hangers!" matriarch. According to most (American) doctors and the American Pregnancy Association, the only amount of alcohol pregnant women should be drinking is none.

Oddly enough, this teetotaling approach doesn't appear to be working for us. We have one of the worse incidences of fetal alcohol syndrome in the world, and our infant mortality rate is second only to Latvia (Latvia!) in the developed world. No one's saying to do a keg stand, but come one, could it be that the rest of the world has this one right and we're just looking for another outlet for our moral superiority? Nah, this is America. We invented rock n' roll - who needs common sense?

Is drinking ever safe in pregnancy?

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