Pigeons Think Kings of Leon Sound Like Crap

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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Alternative rock band Kings of Leon was playing a show in St. Louis when they had to cancel the concert midway through their set due to an angry swarm of incontinent pigeons.

This pigeon is doing its homework

Apparently the band's bassist was hit in the face by pigeon poop at the beginning of their set, and shortly after that the Kings of Leon got fed up and left the stage. The band plans to reschedule the show and apologized to fans, saying that the onslaught of bird doo doo was both "disgusting" and a toxic health hazard." Getting pooped on is no fun, but couldn't they have rigged some sort of tarp system or found a better solution than to just up and quit? That sounds, well, pretty crappy for the fans to have to drive all the way to the venue, hear three songs before the band quits, and then have to come back again for a make up concert. 

What do you think, should the Kings of Leon have canceled their concert due to an irate pack of pigeons, or did they overreact?

Should Kings of Leon have canceled their show due to pigeon poop?

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Debate It! 2

Who knew pigeons were music critics?!

Posted By matt,

Kings of Leon only have three songs, so they were done with their set anyway!

Posted By Karla,

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