Other Second-Fiddle Siblings Besides Emilio Estevez Who Deserve Some Love

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Guess what everyone? Charlie Sheen's crazy!

I know, right? Total breaking news.

You know who it must suck to be right now? Besides, you know, his children? Or his exes? Or the hookers, if for no reason outside of the fact that they are, indeed, hookers?

Emilio Estevez, that's who. Honestly, what has he done lately? Besides a guest appearance on "Two and a Half Men"? What's that? Oh, he's writing and directing now. Which means he can't get any acting jobs. Perhaps he should take a page out of his little brother's book and go crazy. That would be just the career boost he needs. Either that, or make another Mighty Ducks movie. The world would be equally as happy or enthralled either way. Bottom line: Forget Charlie. Emilio deserves some love, too.

While we're at it, what about other less-famous celeb siblings? Such as...

Donnie Wahlberg

The only photo without him making a "thug" face.

Fate is a cruel one, isn't she? So fickle. Who would have thought 20+ years ago (yikes, has it been that long?) that the unofficial "leader" of the New Kids On The Block would ever fade into near-obscurity? Oh, right. Any adult who lived through the days of David Cassidy and Leif Garrett. However, the rest of the world was oblivious as it was certain that Donnie had...wait for it...The Right Stuff. He was a musical god. No one could dethrone him.

And yet, out of nowhere came his deliciously half-naked baby brother Mark. He was sort of a joke, really -- after all, who runs around with their pants hanging half off like that? (Clearly, this was a gentler, simpler time for America, before such classics as "Pants on the Ground" would rise to relevance.) Who would have thought back then that baby brother Marky Mark would go on to be taken seriously as an actor and be nominated for 2 Academy Awards while Donnie tours the country once again, performing for the same screaming girls he did in his glory days? (Only now they're all on a "Girls Night Out" while their husbands watch the kids for the evening so they can relive their own glory days. Sigh.)

Any Baldwin Brother Besides Alec

He's just a teddy bear at heart, after all.

Right out of the starting gate, all of the Baldwin brothers had potential. In other words, they were so good looking it wasn't even right. And after all, that's all you need to make it big in Hollywood, right? Only the Baldwins have proven by example that you need talent in order to maintain any longevity, considering that the level of current employment among them spans from starring on a hugely popular, Emmy-winning show in an Emmy-winning role...and appearing on "Celebrity* Big Brother." That's a major disconnect, wouldn't you say? But they still have one great leveler among them: They all look like guys who used to be handsome but have let time, whiskey, and Krispy Kreme have their way. That's certainly what Billy, Daniel, and Stephen tell themselves every time Alec picks up another Emmy. Whatever helps you sleep, guys.

*The disgusting misuse of the word "celebrity" will have to be covered in another article.

Alexis Arquette

Now that's what I call 'natural beauty'.

There's David. He's the kooky one and arguably the most famous, recently melting down during his break up with Courtney and going on Oprah looking...bad. There's Rosanna, who was the chick with all the piercings in "Pulp Fiction" and only had an entire song written about her (called, surprisingly enough, "Rosanna"). And Patricia, whose series "Medium" ran for seven seasons before recently being canceled.

Then there's Alexis, who has appeared on "The Surreal Life" and in various movies, both mainstream and independent, but whose level of celebrity (there's that terrible word again) has never quite reached that of the other Arquettes. Which is such a shame, because that right there is the face you want plastered all over the supermarket tabloids.

Which brother would you rather be trapped in an elevator with?

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Hey, Daniel Baldwin was on Homicide: Life on the Streets, and that was an Emmy-nominated series. Sure, he's done diddly since then, but hey, it's something.

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