Not This Again: Another Internet-Inspired TV Show is Coming Your Way

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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Recently CNN reported that ABC is developing a TV show based on the website Awkward Family Photos. Did the network really look at the crapfest known as Sh*t My Dad Says on CBS and get so jealous that they had to find another one-joke concept online and attempt to stretch it into a weekly occurring series? If so, I'm assuming the winter lineup will include This is Why You're Fat on NBC and I Can Has Cheezburger on Fox.

If you're unaware of Awkward Family Photos, it's a site that displays user-submitted photos of family members posing in funny and weird portraits. I'm sure that after you browse through the site, the first thing that comes to mind will be, "This is good, but it'd be super hilarious if it were translated into a 30 minute sitcom on a major network!" What on earth is the concept going to be, a new family each week and their experience getting their portraits taken at a photographer studio? Or is it going to follow the same family who's obsessed with taking awkward family photos? This website is too thin an idea to base an entire freaking show off a visual joke.

The networks must be getting pretty desperate for content if they have to turn to the Internet and steal ideas from popular joke sites. If I were a writer in the television industry, I'd be pissed if my ideas were shot down in favor of anything listed on Know Your Meme. Then again, even though Sh*t My Dad Says has been getting terrible reviews, over 10 million people have been tuning in each week to watch a show that is an unfunny, G-rated version of the Twitter feed from which it originated. CBS must be equally willing to bastardize a funny website for big ratings, figuring they won't need to worry about actual script quality if they can just flash some amusing pictures on the screen for 30 straight minutes.

Which website-based TV show concept is worse?

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While they are both equally tragic, at least the awkward family photos one could work on network TV. If shit my dad says would have been on, say, HBO, or another channel where censoring is not an issue I think it could have actually had a chance at being good.

Posted By jalbrecht2000,

What do you think would be a feasible show concept for Awkward Family Photos other than sharing the same name?

Posted By Rebecca,

Um....wish I could pick both as I think the networks need a new creativity department if this is what they are coming up with. So.not.funny.

Posted By zanvia,

"I Can Has Cheezburger on Fox" !!??! Now that's a show I'd watch!!

Posted By brandonjp,

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