NHL Trade Deadline Day

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February 28th was the last day for any franchise looking to bolster its roster for a run at the Stanley Cup playoffs. In years past General Managers have used this last day, and the weeks leading up to it, to make some big changes to their squads or to add a top six forward or shut-down defenseman to their team to increase its chances of making the playoffs and possibly winning the Stanley Cup.

Not this year though.

Trade deadline day was very quiet. Boring, if I'm going to be brutally honest. There was no massive trade anywhere, and the teams that did best after the dust had settled (which didn't take long, I might add) were the selling teams. Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Florida all got plenty in return for some of their better players as they look to rebuild their fallen franchises.

Clutching their newly acquired hoard of picks and prospects, look to the above four teams (minus maybe Edmonton) to make some noise in the summer.

"Come on!" I hear you cry, "there must have been one or two decent trades?" Well...I guess so. Dustin Penner of the Edmonton Oilers was traded to the LA Kings as the latter look to power their way into the playoff picture. Jason Arnott was traded from the NJ Devils to the Washington Capitals, giving the Caps more depth up front and a decent second line centre. Dennis Wideman also made the switch to the Caps from Florida.

Dustin Penner moves to Hollywood

There were some fairly big trades leading up to Deadline Day, but as for the day itself...it was only really the above two that are worth mentioning. There were obviously minor deals done here and there to patch up injured squads and add depth but nothing that really got anyone excited.

I want my February 28th back!

Can Dustin Penner power the LA Kings to Stanley Cup success this year?

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