NFL Lockout: He Said, He Said

Posted on by Deborah Horton (DeborahHorton)
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The NFL and the players association are now engaging in a game of he said, he said. Letters that are now being made public are being sent back and forth between the league and the players association (no longer an organized union). As both sides continue to air their grievances over billions of dollars, the fans are starting not to take either side.

In a time of still economic hardship for both sides, the league and the players association are making themselves look more and more like greedy billionaires fighting over more billions, and both sides are becoming less appealing to fans. The back and forth letters spelling out how each side feels they are owed said billions only makes this lockout harder to swallow for NFL fans. The fact that the two sides continue to bicker through writings and are not getting anything done in actual mediation, or so it would appear, makes them look like a bunch of kids fighting on a playground.

The recently decertified players union is now asking top draft prospects to forgo the draft in support of the union's fight against the league. They have in fact started to put in place a plan that would prevent each top college prospect from attending the draft in April. Apparently, the now disbanded union has contacted 17 top prospects and told them not to go to the draft. The draft will go on, but when NFL commissioner announces which player a team has picked, that player will not walk out on stage for the traditional handshake and photos with his team jersey and he won't be available for interviews.

There are rumors floating around that the union is thinking of having the players go on a competing network to do interviews after the picks are made. Given the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is conceivable that players could appear there as well giving out their "interviews." Needless to say, this draft is not going to be like any other as long as the lockout continues.

The "he said, he said" of it all does nothing to advance the resolution of the lockout. The longer this drags on and starts affecting things like drafts, workouts, and eventually games if it goes that long, it only makes fans dislike both sides more. No regular NFL fan is going to feel sorry for either side in a playground fight over billions of dollars. Maybe it's time everyone manned up and got back to the mediation table. All this back and forth just makes everyone involved look greedy and childlike.

Whose side are you on, the NFL or the players?

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Trying to stage protests at the draft is just bad, bad form by the players. Those kids are only going to get one draft day, they should get to enjoy it. This would be like protesting school budget issues by making kids skip the prom.

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