NFL Fans Ask: Why Won't Mommy and Daddy Stop Fighting?

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By now you have probably heard that the NFL's Owners and the NFL Player's Union (NFLPA) have failed to come to an agreement that will essentially keep very rich men from getting any richer for a couple of months. After there seemed to be some light at the end of the negotiation tunnel when talks were extended for a week, the new deadline came on went on Friday without a deal in place.

In a sign that these talks will now most likely be drawn out for several months, the NFLPA decertified making it possible for individual players to file ant-trust lawsuits against the league. But don't worry fans, because the commissioner who oversaw this complete and total collapse of one of the world's most popular sports says that during this lockout/strike/divorce proceedings, Roger Goodell will only be taking a salary of $1. I say good for him. Of course if you or I were at the helm of an organization that basically imploded under our watch, we'd probably be asked to step down, but hey, a pay cut is almost as good as that. I'm sure we'll be seeing the Goodell family at the local soup kitchen real soon. Or maybe we won't, since there are indicators that Goodell makes somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 million per year.

What exactly is on the horizon for the NFL now is really anybody's guess. If the anti-trust suits do actually go to court and formal arguments are being heard, there is a very real chance that there will in fact be no 2011 NFL season. Even if the two sides are able to patch things up in the next couple of months, it seems likely that the best case scenario would be a shortened season.

The real question NFL fans need to ask themselves is will they return to the sport at the levels they were at before this lockout/strike/self detonation occurred? After Major League Baseball's last strike, attendance numbers were down for quite some time and only now is the sport really bouncing back. During a time when most people are working too hard trying to find a job to be able to side with multi-millionaires, could this be a huge financial blow to the NFL's long-term stability?

Do you think the NFL will see a support dropoff whenever the labor situation is resolved?

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It's just a bunch of rich babies complaining they aren't rich enough.

Posted By lockheed40,

Yup. That's it in a nutshell

Posted By Bovandy,

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