Moammar Gadaffi Breaks Out the Party Poppers for NATO Arrival

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Just joking about the title. Moammar Gadaffi may have an unusual fashion sense, but he'll never be the next big rapper. Then again, you never really know who's going to be the next big music star these days. France was the first nation in the EU to condemn Moammar Gadaffi's reign as illegitimate, instead calling the opposition the legitimate government of Libya. If this wasn't scathing enough, French President Nicholas Sarkozy sent his country's air force (The ALA) to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent aerial assaults on civilians.

Gadaffi has called the UN decision "invalid," claiming his forces are battling Al Qaeda-sponsored forces in the opposition-controlled city of Benghazi and the surrounding region. Gadaffi ordered his forces to shell the city of Benghazi Saturday morning. In accompaniment with the mortar attacks, a good dozen or so tanks have been confirmed by eyewitness reports as rolling through the streets of Benghazi.

The French deployed Tank Commander Charlie Sheen to deal with the threat of Gadaffi's forces.

Fighting between the rebel forces and Gadaffi loyals continue, but Moammar Gadaffi claims that he has ordered no attacks on any rebel cities since he declared a ceasefire with the UN. Gadaffi is the master of self-contradiction, because he then made a statement thereafter that his forces were fighting Al Qaeda in Benghazi. Get your facts straight, Gadaffi. The UN, EU, and US have all of their guns pointed at your administration. It would be wise to cooperate, unless you value the "onslaught of a full air strike."

Obama issued a non-negotiable ceasefire agreement that Gadaffi was to immediately retreat his forces from Benghazi and other rebel encampments and stop all military action. If the ceasefire was not met, Obama claimed that Gadaffi would face a NATO joint air strike.

A jet tumbled down in flames in the middle of Benghazi amid the shelling of civic centers. The pilot of the Gadaffi-aligned jet evidently was able to escape before it crashed into the middle of the street. Reporters nearby wrote of the sound of a loud explosion and a ball of fire.

It's a bird, it's a plane... Well, a burning plane.

The majority of weapons circulating through Libya are Soviet technology dealt to the government back in the 70's and 80's. Rebel arms are salvaged from the influx of North African Soviet weapon stores in the region since the mid 90's.

Should the American-NATO Effort Oust Gadaffi?

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